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Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. The Federal Trade Commission has forced a settlement with an online dating company it accuses of creating phony profiles on 18 dating sites, sending messages via the fake accounts and charging users recurring monthly fees for responding to the fabricated content. Along with with the fine, Thomas and JDI Dating have been ordered to put an end to the deceptive business practices.Depending on your privacy settings, your profile can be indexed by search engines, and services like Google Image Search can connect the photos on your profile with your real identity, as Carnegie Mellon researchers demonstrated.Dating sites collect data on you — such as your age, interests, ethnicity, religion, and more — and lend or sell it to marketers.As soon as new users joined one of the sites, the email accounts would begin receiving fabricated messages, according to the FTC.The FTC's complaint alleges the websites duped nonpaying members into subscribing to the company's services by sending them notifications of messages and profile visits by "virtual cupids," fabricated accounts.

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Daley confirmed their engagement this week via his Instagram account. According to People, the pair had an outdoor interfaith ceremony at a friend's estate in Encino, California.

None had protections to prevent or delay unauthorized decompiling; none had obfuscated their source code, which means hackers could access sensitive data; and one wasn’t even using secure communication, which would make it easy for hackers to intercept data being exchanged between the app and the server.

Convinced that the security and privacy of your online dating service is worth a second look?

And popular dating services rarely prioritize strong privacy practices, which means they’re often riddled with vulnerabilities.

As Min-Pyo Hong of SEWORKS recently reported for Venture Beat, the top dating apps are “just waiting to be hacked.” Each app that SEWORKS analyzed was decompilable, which means that hackers could reverse-engineer and compromise the app.

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