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Financing your study abroad program is one of the most challenging and least fun parts of the entire process—but there are a lot of easy ways to save money so that you don’t have to stress about money once you land in your host city.While you’re daydreaming about all the fresh sushi you’ll have in Tokyo, or the hiking you’ll do in the hills of New Zealand, try some of these tips on how to save money and watch how quickly your savings stacks up!Another press release about “Generation Rent” heralded the arrival of the “light living generation” – young people unencumbered by material things like possessions and places to live.All of this is being described as though it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a product of young people’s low pay, high living costs and bleak economic future."Clueless" millennials are the “Yolo generation” screams a press release sent out this week by peer-to-peer lender Ratesetter.Yolo – or “you only live once” – is a toe-curling attempt at yoof speak, and code for the “spend now, worry later” attitude.She then wondered if she could attempt to buy nothing for a year.

Study after study apparently confirms the pattern – millennials don’t save, they don’t care about their pensions, they aren’t planning for the future and they don’t know how much they need to live on.The personal financial journalist became a minimalist, and stopped cluttering her house with possessions and making unnecessary purchases. The Londoner wrote in the Telegraph it was a mortgage she took out on a home in 2013 that led her to think more about her spending.Looking into minimalism on American websites, she stumbled across Buy Nothing Day, a time when people are urged to avoid shopping for a day.2.) Save your change It can be hard to put those big bills straight into a savings account, especially on a student dime, so why not save your change instead?You can do it in the literal way (by tossing loose coins into a piggy bank) or—since it’s the 21st century—why not download an app for that instead!

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