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People are worried about a contested result and more violence breaking out after the elections, as it did in 2007.In Kenya’s Rift Valley, known as the breadbasket of Kenya, almost one-third of the population is suffering from acute malnutrition, and an ongoing drought and recent infighting ahead of August’s presidential elections are only worsening an already dire situation.It is well known that this is the place to go to find a prostitute.There are tourists, plenty of them, but they are overwhelmingly men.We have been brought up in a world where it’s abnormal for we (the youth) to ask questions on sex, or any other sexualy related issues.

Sophie Bot is an intelligent system that is fed with verified information on sexuality and sexual reproductive health from ministry of health and relays the information to its users through conversations that are driven by chat, Facebook messenger, telegram, Twitter’s DM and through an app.Terrorists have done a lot of harm to the tourism industry in Kenya, but one group of travellers has not been put off - sex tourists.Paul Adhoch heads the United Nations aid agency Trace Kenya, which battles the trafficking of children.Get on the app on Messenger, telegram, Twitter DM or Download the app.Ask her any questions about sexuality and reproductive health.

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