Map updating

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It's now 5 months later and I've not seen an update whenever I connect to Tom Tom Home. Hi I tried to update the maps on my Tom Tom ONE South Africa.Deletion of older maps is necessary to avoid errors of the program due to incompability of newer and older versions of maps.Aerial photographs can be used to produce and update terrain surface maps.In such a way, deformations due to relief displacement and photographic tilt are corrected, obtaining a map free of deformations, at a known scale and referenced to a terrain coordinate system.To obtain the planimetric position of an image point on the terrain surface, the intersection point of the corresponding projective ray with the DEM of the terrain must be determined.

Properties of the Bolero infotainment system: The new generation of the Swing infotainment radio provides expanded options for operating your radio, telephone and now also car systems, without the necessity of a Maxi DOT display.

NOTE: After deletion of map files the maps will not be accessible in the program.

For further use of the maps, their newer versions must be installed.

This article introduces theoretical aspects of our methods.

ABSTRACT: The geographic database producers need improved and faster updating methods for their topographic databases to fulfil the user's demand.

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