Liquidating cost

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This allows our experts to assess the circumstances thoroughly and accurately.

We will then give you an online quote so you know how much it will cost to liquidate the company.

If there are any company debts still owing, these are written off when the company closes.

Any debts that you owe personally, for example if you have given a personal guarantee, will still need to be paid by you.

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After the final distribution has been made, if all your cost basis has not been paid back, at this point you can claim a capital loss for the remainder.Your company will need to have some money or assets that can be sold to pay the IP's fees.The fees are normally around depending on the size of your business and how much work will be needed to close your business down.In this case, if additional assets are recovered, the liquidator or particular creditor can apply to the court for the creditor to be compensated for the risk involved in funding the liquidator’s recovery action.If a liquidator suspects that people involved with the company may have committed offences and the liquidator reports this to ASIC, the liquidator may also be able to apply to ASIC for funding under the Assetless Administration Fund to carry out a further investigation into the allegations.

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