Javascript validating dates from a form

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validate Empty ( ) The function below checks if a required field has been left empty.If the required field is blank, we return the error string to the main [email protected] Thanks Michael (it looks was copy paste :))[email protected] returned param ret is true or false and that's enough.VDaemon performs server-side validation using PHP and client-side validation using...This module extends the Date module to provide enhanced UI functionality.This module creates an easy live blogging feature to provide live coverage of an event. Datejs doesn’t just parse strings, it slices them cleanly in two.

This data is passed to ASP script, or some other technology and if the data contains an error, there will be a delay before the information travels over the Internet to the server, is examined on the server, and then returns to the user along with an error message.

Specifically, this module does the following: Adds in Baron Schwartz's date-time javascript functionality Maintains the date's duration - so when the start... NET based online tool which can be used by users to facilitate their sites with date and time displaying functionality.

This script supports many other features like, cross browser support, multi lingual support, client side...

In case your site has a feedback form, which requires validation to ensure that fields that require mandatory filling up of data like the email address, this Java Script ensures that these fields are not ignored.

VDaemon is a PHP library that grants an easy-to-use but powerful way to check user input for errors, and, if necessary, display messages to the user.

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