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These neat sigils are a gift from Tumblr user ricbrunett.They're also complete with the house slogans from the major players in this Game of Thrones. Got a slogan that would inspire fear in your enemies?Russian photographer Olga Barantseva captured these incredible shots of Russian family playing with a giant brown bear.The images look straight out of a fairytale, showing a softer side to the big predator.The broheme likes big-butted bedspreads and he cannot lie, us other readers can't deny..yeah, that's all I got.New York's police department had a perfectly fine idea: Connect with the citizens using the hashtag #my NYPD to let the beautiful people of New York share their experience with police officers.

I believe in my heart Bernie is a KNOWING chaos agent paid by Russia in 2016 election.

As part of an anti-hunting campaign, the extraordinary photos are meant to "show the natural harmony between humans and bears," according to Barantseva.

The bear, named Stepan, weighs more than 1,400 pounds and stands at a height of over 7 feet, but he is completely docile and willing to pose with his human collaborators.

The tweet was almost immediately turned into a meme, with Twitter users mocking Kirkman's theory in many creative ways.

Some of the memes stay political, but others veer into super meta meme territory, and even gaming.

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