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, the database of full text peer-reviewed articles published by APA and affiliated journals.With current journal coverage and historical content dating back more than a century, this esteemed collection provides access to the full spectrum of research in the field and is an indispensable resource for researchers, practitioners, students, and educators.

Still, far too many students are denied equal educational opportunities.

Created, funded and authored by two British academics, the site gives a panoramic view of Berlioz’s life and art, and seeks to recreate the context in which he worked.

It also presents regularly updated news on everything which concerns Berlioz: performances of his music world-wide, bibliography, discography, reviews of live performances and contributions from regular visitors to the site.

The National Women’s Law Center works to eliminate and prevent barriers to students' success in school.

Although Title IX is best known for breaking down barriers in sports for women and girls, it also opens the door for girls to pursue math and science, requires fair treatment for pregnant and parenting students, and protects students from bullying and sexual harassment, among other things.

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