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However, every time I update it using the replace example, it just resets the graph and I only see the most recent record as a point on the graph. I've set my x axis to use the timestamp I defined in my dataset's schema and have set the bucket to minutes, so it seems like it should work fine like that.I assume this is because I'm using replace, is there a different action I should be using? Thanks, Guy Hi @lugash, sorry for the confusion here!Download Dynamic Data Display for Silverlight - the downloadable package contains all you need to use Dynamic Data Display controls in your applications including API reference documentation and guidelines for extending the library.The package doesn't contain source code and is licensed under MSR-LA terms.Dynamic Data Display integrates well with Bing Maps control to show data on a geographic map in latitude/longitude coordinates.The controls are compatible with most popular development tools like Expression Blend and Visual Studio.An update to a set of widely used ocean temperature data is now available from NOAA’s NCEI.Along with the public release, an article describing the 5th version of the Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSSTv5) dataset has been published in the .

Click here to see the benefits and get your organisation We offer a range of data services, including data matching, de-duplication, enhancement as well as bespoke research, market research and project planning.Cheers, Eoin Hi @iliomad, you are more than welcome.I've enabled the beta version (of the feature to append data to Datasets) on your account.Dynamic Data Display 2.0 is a set of Silverlight controls for adding interactive visualization of dynamic data to your Silverlight application.It allows to create line graphs, bubble charts, heat maps and other complex 2D plots which are very common in scientific software.

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