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"Jimmy said you were the perfect wife..perfect woman, really." It was my new hubby's kid brother speaking. "He was just bragging, really." Tommy went on quietly, "If even half of what he told me is only partially true most guys would think that you are more than perfect. I wish my wife were anything like Jimmy said said you were like." "Really? Tommy held my gaze, but he swallowed a couple of times and licked his lips a bit. I rested my left forearm on the kitchen table next to where I sat. I knew my snug blouse, and my cleavage, had now both gaped open considerably wider. And his young wife and I went to lunch together not two hours ago. But his gaze returned to my cleavage and he turned just slightly to face me directly. Then slowly, very, very, slowly, almost imperceptibly, his right hand began to move with his eyes still locked to my chest.

He was getting ready to leave after dropping off some tools for my husband. " I smiled in reply, "He might be exaggerating just a wee bit, huh, Tommy? "Go ahead, Tommy, enjoy a nice long look." I said as lifted my chin and pulled my shoulders further back. "O-o-h-h-h", his breath came audibly as his will not to look collapsed. His hand continued to gradually, incrementally traverse the front of his jeans and finally his fingers grasped the brass pull of his zipper. He said you would do things other women wouldn't..." he swallowed again and stopped.

"I mean it is obvious you are beautiful and that you have a great figure." He added this last as he took a quick glance at the front of my more than well-filled shirt. " I replied with total sincerity and then I couldn't help but add... " I asked him with a smirk as I pulled my shoulders back just a smidge. I like being appreciated." He hesitated and kept his eyes locked to mine. I unbuttoned one more button and exposed just the top of my white lace bra and more of the deep crevasse formed by the great globes of my breast tissue. "Anything," he breathed almost silently, "Anything." "Well, go ahead then," I directed him with a bit of a giggle in my voice, "show me something." I unbuttoned my blouse a bit further, but only exposed a bit more of my bra to him by holding it partially closed. I mean here was his new, reasonably attractive, extremely big-busted sister-in-law teasing him. He straightened up from the counter silently and, at first, I thought he was going to turn and leave when he glanced over his shoulder.

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