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With its idyllic canals, cobbled streets and bouquets of blooms everywhere you look, Amsterdam is undoubtedly a capital of romance.

Whether you’re contemplating a first date, or have been coupled up for years, try something more adventurous than a table for two with these unexpected date night ideas.

You can't possibly expect me to describe them all, and I'm not going to. Arbitrary, bigoted, left-handed - these adjectives, and more, appear in the English dictionary. - objective, inclusive, perfect (see previous note). Just remember this: if you make no use of these pages, my boys will have suffered in vain.

Some said I was a crazy taking the arduous task of compiling this guide upon myself. Do you want the anguish of those tender young souls on your conscience? The dynamic nature of a modern post-industrial economy means that my research will never end.

On Saturday nights in the summer, Amsterdam’s ARTIS Zoo is open until sunset, setting the scene for romantic encounters between the beautiful gardens, exotic animals and historic buildings.With such a terrible track record, I started to realise that, if I couldn't meet someone when I was in my prime, how on earth was I going to meet someone now I'm 50?My friend Kerry, tired of my moaning, had told me about an upmarket dating agency that takes on only high-achieving rich people.This type of same-sex relationship is prevalent in post-modern Western societies.Entails each partner assuming an opposite gender role.

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